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Add some spice to your fitness routine or class, our Exercise Library offers a variety of movements to choose from. Browse through 200 HIIT exercises that target more specific areas of the body. Each comes with a video to help ensure proper form.
If you are an instructor our Exercise Body Database will help you to save time to prepare your class.

Burpee Variations

2x Pulse Squat Burpee
Burpee to Kick
Fast Feet Burpee
Forward Jump to Plank Jack + Inchworm
Forward Backward Jump to Burpee
Forward Jump Burpee Back Pedal
Frog Jump to Bear Crawl
Frog Thrust Combat
Frogger to Push Up
Frogger Renegade Row
Inchworm to Frogger + Inchworm Jump
Jumping Jack to Burpee
Jump to Frogger
Plank Jack To Frogger
Plank Kick to Burpee
Burpee to Punches
Single Hand Burpee
Split Jump Burpee Knee Tuck Jump
2x Split Jumps Burpee
Side Walk on Squat + Burpee
Forward Backward Jumps Burpee Plank Jacks
Jump Forward Burpee Inchworm
Jump Forward Burpee Inchworm
Split Jump Burpee Downward Dog

Lunge Variation

2x Knee Up Split Jump
Alternating Lunges
Curtsy Lunge to Squat Jump
Curtsy Lunge
Curtsy to Hop
Fast Feet Lunge
Foot In-Out Split Jump
Jumping Jack Lunge Back
Jumping Jack to Split Jump
Jumping Lunges
Jump Forward Lunge Back
Knee Up Lunge Back Split Jump
Single Squat Burner
Static Lunge to Two knee Drive + Split Jump
Lunge Back Kick
Lunge Back Power Squats
Plank to Lunge Up
Pulses to Split Jump
Pulse Lunge to Knee Drive
Reverse Lunge Hop
Stationary Lunge Jump
Lunge Hook
Split Jump Clap
Split Jump Power Squat
Split Jump Punch
Split Jump Squat Side Jump
Side Lunge to Squat Jump
Side Lunge to Knee Up + Clap
Stationary Side Lunge
Twist Split Jump
Split Jump Pause


Kneeling to Knee Up
Kneeling Lean Backs
Kneeling Ups to Frogger
Kneel to Squat Jump
Kneel to Lunge Hop
Kneel to Side Jump

On Place

2x Jacks 2x Ankle Taps
Alternating Knee to Elbow
2x Alternating Knee Ups
Bunny Hops
Butt Kickers
Criss Cross Punches
Cross Country with Punches
Cross Country
Fast Feet Animal
Fast Feet Twist
High Knees to Kicks
Fast Jacks
Fast Feet
Fast Feet Jump
Fats Feet Taps
Fast Feet Twist
Feet In Feet Out
Front Jumping Jacks
High Knees Heel Taps
Inchworm to Jump
Inchworm to Calves Raises
Jack to Vertical Jump
Jogging Back and Forward
Jogging Front Back to 2x Power Squat
Jogging in Place
Jogging with Knee and Heel Taps
Ski to Jogging on Place
Jogging in Place Back Forward
Jogging in Place to Lunge
Jumping Jacks Boxing
Jumping Jack To Climbers
Knee Up Punches Combo
One Leg Marching
Marching Knee to Elbow
Reach Back
Seal Jacks
Battle Rope to Slam

On Squat

Around the World Lunge Squat
Cross Country to Squat Click Jump
Backward Squat Walk Forward Jump
Static Squat + Obliques
Hug Knee to Jack
Static Power Squats
Narrow Squat to X Jump
Power Squat Jumping Jacks Boxing
Power Squats
Alternating Heel Touch to squat
Split Jump Squat
Static Squat Boxing
Squat Calf Raise Squat Jump
Squat Alternating Calf Raise
Squat with Leg Circle
Squat Frontal Kick
Side Squat Jump
Stationary Squat to Stationary Lunge
Squat Knee Up
Squat Side Kick
Squat to Hook
Squat Twist to Plank Jacks
Squat Twist
Static Squat Walk to Lunge Hop
Static Quat Forward Walk to Backwards
Alternating Squat Kick Jumping Jack
Air Squats
Squat Abduction Side Kick
Traveler Power Squats
Slam Squat Alternating Twists
Static Walk Squat to Calf Raises
Power Squats To Climbers
2x Mini Squat to Burpee
Slow Squat Boxing

On Plank

Climber Taps
Plank Jacks to Climbers
Frogger to Renegade Row
Jack Plank Jack
Jumping Jacks to Plank Jacks
Knee to Elbow
Kneeling Push Ups
Side Plank Twist Side Kick
Shoulder Taps + Plank Jacks
Plank Jacks to Cross Climber
Plank Jacks with Torso Rotation
Mountain Climbers
Shin Taps
Plank Jacks with Bands
Plank Leg Raises
Spider Climbers
Shoulder Taps Leg Up
Shoulder Taps Sit Backs
Shoulder Taps
Up and Down with Climbers
Up and Downs on Plank and on Bear
Up and Downs to Knee Tucks
Up and Downs
Up and Downs Bird Dogs
Traveling Push Ups

Side by Side

1 2 3 Up
Climbers Side Shuffle Burpee
L Runners
Side Shuffle Squat Slam
Side Hop to Airplane
Side Suicide Drill
Side to Side High Knees
Side by Side Step Jump
Side Jogging with Airplanes
Skaters with a Hop
Super Skaters
3 Super Skaters to Vertical Jump

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