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Every Monday New Pure Strength Workout.

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january 2020

13janAll DayPure Strength

14janAll DaySweat and ResetBurn Calories

15janAll DaySweat and ResetBurn Calories

16janAll DayPure Strength

17janAll DaySweat and ResetBurn Calories

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Home Workouts For Men And Women.

Different people work out for different reasons. Some people work out to lose weight, others work out to get a better body posture, or sleep well. Whatever you need, Top Trainers on Demand has it covered. Their catalog of home workouts for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels are created for both men and women; and they can be streamed anywhere. Making it possible for you to have a trainer whenever and wherever you want.

Type of workouts

Pure Strength can be streamed anywhere while you play your music or watch tv.
This program is designed to work your cardiovascular system and condition your whole-body trough circuit training. You will perform a combination of upper body, lower body and Core.

Sweat and Reset is designed to work your cardiovascular system and condition your whole-body trough interval training, usually 20 second each exercise.

Studies suggest that HIIT is much more effective than traditional cardio activities for burning fat and increasing both aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Alternating between bursts of high output cardio and resistance-based strength exercises means you are constantly keeping your body in a state of confusion, preventing it from adapting to the workload.

If you’re not familiar with an exercise, check the Exercise Library and practice it a few times to master the form before using it regularly.

Exercise Library