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My Video Store.

Quick Recharge

This 30 minute class is designed to give you a full practice and includes breathwork, two different sun salutations, hip openers, inversions and a final relaxation. When you’re short on time but want to move and wake up all parts of your body, this practice is for you.

Rise and Thrive

Viviana takes you through a vinyasa yoga flow that will awaken your body and mind with challenging poses, creative transitions, breath work and twists.

Release Back Tension

Guided breath practices are also included to help support deeper relaxation.

Cool and Calm Yoga

In just thirty minutes you will feel more re-engaged in your day, with a happier, lighter state of being!

Basics and Beyond

Perfect for all levels, this gentle practice focuses on side bends and stretching out the sides of your torso.

Exploring the Edge

Learn to build strength and stability in the hips while releasing and relieving any tension across the hip joints.

PDF Programs

Home workouts have never been more popular now that most of us are stuck at home. Download my pdf and lets workout together.

About Viviana.

Hi everyone! My name is Viviana and I’m a Yoga Instructor. I’ve practiced yoga for 6 years now and I received my Training at Kranti Yoga in India (USA Alliance certified). Over the last 4 years I have taught mainly Vinyasa flows, but also Ashtanga, Music Flows, Yin, Restorative, Yoga for Kids, and meditation practices. My students have loved mostly my Vinyasa flows, which is what I’m going to offer on this platform (feel free to request other types of Yoga if you’d like to try something new!). My flow is a combination of strength and flexibility: you’re going to sweat and you’re going to get some deep stretches. My classes are for both beginners and advanced practitioners. I have worked with many athletes (mainly professional dancers), so if you are one, I’ve got many classes ready for you! But also beginners don’t be shy, I’m ready to introduce you to Yoga practices step by step (Families and kids welcome! I love to practice with you!). For 1:1 individual classes I look forward to get to know you personally and build up some flows based on your necessities, strengths and weaknesses. So if you are looking for a Yoga class that will get you energized, positive, lean, flexible and strong… I will wait for you here! Can’t wait to practice together. Namaste, Viviana