Triceps Exercises

Hold a dumbbell with both hands at one end behind your head. Stand straight, palms facing up and gripping the dumbbell around the top plate. Raise the dumbbell overhead to arm’s length, keeping your elbows close to your head during the entire movement. Lower dumbbell to the starting position in a semicircular motion until your forearms touch your biceps.
Stand with legs bent and together, and your torso leaning forward. Holding your arms bent at your sides with dumbbells in hand, reach and lift dumbbells back until your arms are straight. Release back down. Repeat for desired reps.
Laying on the floor with knees bent up, hold the dumbbells at your chest. For each rep, hold the Dumbbells evenly where your arms are at your sides, and push the Dumbbells up into the air. Slowly lower the barbell, and repeat.