80 Hiit Exercises Ideas.


If you are an instructor this course is for you.

Good news! Tatiana and Carlos have created a Database of 80 exercises and more to come in a few weeks. By getting this course you will save a lot of time designing your classes, no more searching on youtube.

We added some pdf with classes already designed. Enjoy!

More exercises coming soon 🙂

Update 9/7/2020: We added three visual timers to cast to your TV, perfect for teaching online classes.

  • 20 seconds work 10 rest (8 rounds)
  • 30 seconds work 15 rest (8 rounds)
  • 40 seconds work 20 rest (8 rounds)

What Will I Learn?

  • - Save time creating classes.
  • - Learn new exercises.

Topics for this course

85 Lessons1h 20m


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Hiit Exercises Ideas



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Explanation was clear and delivered as simple as possible. I really appreciate...Thanks a lot. Amazing course.

It’s really helpful and it has a lot to offer the time I invested in it is not in vain, and I like the rate of explanation, however, it could have been a little more deeper.

If you are an instructor these exercises ideas are going to help you a lot. Wonderful experience!


Material Includes

  • Workout Planner PDF

Target Audience

  • - Instructors
  • - Fitness entusiastas