Back Exercises

Lie down on your stomach, and place your forehead on your folded hands, with elbows extended out to the side. For each rep, lift your head and your hands up off the ground as high as you can, keeping your hips on the ground so your back extends.

With dumbbells in hand, bend at your hip (without rounding lower back), and lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the ground. Let the dumbbells hang at arm’s length from your shoulders. Without moving your torso. row the rumbbells upward by raising your upper arms, bending your elbows and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause, then lower them down again. Repeat desired amount of reps.

Step forward with left leg and bend over at the hips. Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand and place left elbow on your left knee or on a becnh , keeping the lower back almost parallel to the floor and the head facing down. Keep your arm close to the side of your body as you pull the dumbbell up to your side. Squeeze and return to starting position.

Lie on bench, grasp one dumbbell with both hands under inner plate of dumbbell. Position dumbbell over chest with elbows slightly bent. Keeping elbows slightly bent throughout movement, lower dumbbell over and beyond head until upper arms are in line with torso. Pull dumbbell up and over chest.